A Handful of Social Media Tips


The Key to Social Media

Social media is the key to unlocking networks and connections with other users and buisnesses. There are insane amounts of advice when it comes to each platform, it’s features, and marketing strategies. All of this information can be overwhelming-but what if I can tell you there is only a handful of tips to insure your page gets the best attention, reputation, and success your business is looking to gain!?

5 Handy Tips to Make Social Media Marketing Successful

age-group-audience.png1. Keep your eye on the target audience. 

Demographics is extremely important when setting up a marketing strategy on social media. Whether it is age, gender, location, or other factors- different people respond to social media platforms and content differently.

Once you have your mission and message, you need to examine which platform works best for your audience. For example, if you want to target an older population-  on heart health, you may want to use Facebook since 79% of their users are ages 30- 49. If you were targeting the younger population- let’s say ages 18- 29 you would want to use a platform such as Instagram since they make up 55% of the community.

The same goes with gender. If your company was targeting a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, a platform that may interest you would be Pinterest- since 44% of their users are women.

Researching demographics before you launch your marketing campaign will help tremendously when seeing the outcome and attention your message receives.

2. Set those clock!

Each social media platform has their own happy hour of when most of their users are 21aa1cc.jpgscrolling and interesting on their newsfeed. Timing of a post is essential to keep in mind when posting your message.

So what are you supposed to do- keep those laptops open and stare at the clock until prime time? No. Luckily there are sites and features that can help you schedule your posts.

Facebook has a scheduling feature under their post option which allows you to set the time and date of when you want your post to upload.

For other platforms there are free sites you can use to help plan your posts out. Some sites include: buffer, hoot suite, and so many more to choose from.

3. Health Literacy. 

When marketing health orhtopganizations, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone understands medical terms. Your readers need to be able to comprehend your messages. Creating messages that health literate and medical terms that are easy to understand.

Once you find your information and research, organize what you have to say in a way that you would be able to tell a friend. Using vocabulary that only med students and doctors will understand won’t grab the attention of readers.

Dr. Axe is a perfect example of being media literate. His Youtube page contains everyday health advice and information that is easy to understand. He explains medical terms that most would not be able to comprehend if they did not have years of med school on their resume in a simple way in which his viewers can act on. This makes him and his page successful.

4. Be creative and get your followers involved. 

Posting similar content and the same types of information will make your followers loose interest in your page. You need to step out of the box in order to create a healthy following.  Hosting contests, asking questions, following, sharing and liking your followers posts will keep them interested in what you have to say. If you show an interest so will they!

kim-kardashian-ice2_glamour_8sep14_insta_b_720x1080.jpgThe perfect example of getting supporters and followers involved in your message is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In order to spread awareness and funds for ALS, The ALS association created an ice bucket challenge that spread world wide with 17 million uploading their videos on social media. Everyone took part in this support including celebrities as big as President Obama, Jimmy Fallon, and Taylor Swift. Ellen Degeneres even got prima donna Kim Kardashian to take part in this challenge.

No one knew this event would spread the way that it did, so start something similar on your health organization’s page. Never underestimate social media and how big a message or mission can spread. The ALS non-profit raised over $115 million dollars with this event… let’s see how much your organization can raise!

5. Keep track of your success.

Your company’s brand needs to make a staple on social media. Your page, it’s content, followers, and readers will play a huge part in your company’s reputation. If you create social media pages that are informative, have sharp graphics, and plenty of interaction- it will go a long way. But how do you know if you are making a staple?

f4c530ab516d1bd3eb48982f27705217.jpgWhen creating your social media pages you need to build goals. This will show if you are doing a good job marketing online or not. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T. ) goals are the key to success. It’s better to start small and succeed then aim big and fail.

One way to track your business’ social media is by calculating it’s return on investment (ROI). This will show if the money you are putting into your social media marketing strategy is paying off or not. It is important to keep an eye on this in order to make sure you are doing everything right- your audience, platforms, timing, content, etc. What is the point of putting all this effort in, if you are not getting anything out of it?

Having authentic information, being trust worthy, and consistent are all ways you can build your brand and keep your goals obtainable. Evaluating your organization’s success will only lead to improvement to keep it blooming.

The Final Sendoff


Just like you only need a handful of friends in life, you only need a handful of tips for social media marketing!

There are millions of tips that can help you get by with your health organization but the real key to it’s success come from: target audience, timing, health literacy, creativity, and evaluation.Social media has 2.2 billion people connected and ready to network their idea’s. If your organization uses the web effectively your mission can make a difference, a change, and staple.

With these main guidelines, your marketing success should blossom into a network of triumph. With a good mission, confidence, and a handful of tips your health organization will break the internet! 


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