Healthy Pinning Tips.


If anyone is looking for healthy advice such as recipes, exercises, or other healthy lifestyle tips-they go straight Pinterest. Pinning favorite images, infographics, news, and advice is the perfect way to keep ideas stored and organized in a safe place.

If you are looking to advance your company to get their health messages out to the world, the perfect place to start is Pinterest. With over 42.3 million users, your health message will be seen with the help of keywords, solid images, and knowledgeable links from your health promotion business. So, where do you start to make Pinterest one of your most successful marketing strategies?


1. Target Audience.

Knowing who you want your message to be seen by is crucial in any social media marketing plan. Demographics of a site will effect the success of your company’s attention on social media. You want that pin to hit the bull’s eye of your target audience.

Pinterest is 13% male and 42% female, which is essential to keep in mind. Companies will want to target mostly women on their Pinterest pages, since that is the majority scrolling through the site.The most popular age range that is seen on Pinterest is between 18-29 years old. This is important to keep in mind when you start to market certain campaigns as well because you want to make sure your content is relevant to those interested in reading it.

Women during the ages of 18-29 are interested in health concerns such as exercise, fitness, recipes, healthy home remedies, and issues such as breast cancer awareness. This is all important to keep in mind when targeting the messages you want to share with this audience. Stick to themes that this audience would be drawn to.

Now, do not be scared to target males and others outside the popular bracket- because it is still possible to do! This will just be more difficult and will need a little more effort to gain attention. If Men’s Health can do it racking in 82.6K followers, so can you!

2. Set the Time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.44.43 PM.pngFinding the perfect time slot for pinning your ideas is important to keep in mind. This will assure you will get the most views, pins, likes, and eventually lead to more followers.

The best times to pin are between 2pm-4pm and 8pm-1am. For maximum attention keep these time slots in mind. Why waste your time posting in the late afternoon if no one is going to be paying attention during that time?

3. Enahnce Images.

Images are extremely important when posting on Pinterest. This is what is going to grab a users attention and pull them into learning more about the subject.

Individuals are not going to read every little word of a post if it has a boring or dull image- whether it is useful or not. Pinterest users are going to base whether they want to learn more about a post from the attractive image they see.

Formatting and Enhancing your images is bait into having them read up on what you are posting. Having images edited, relevant, and attractive with optimize the attention of your post.

Infographics are popular on Pinterest because it gives all the information a user wants from the attractive image an infographic gives.

If they are interested in the image they will keep an interest in what you have to say about it!

I love pin + interest
I love pin + interest

4. Add Links.

Once the image grabs the user in you want to make sure you have a link to back up what you have to say. Links connected to your posts are going to be the goal of your page. This is where your business and followers start to “link” up- no pun intended!

Links and descriptions is what is going to sell your business and close the deal on whether or not your followers have an interest.

Descriptions with about 300 words get the most attention- which is more than enough to get all the details about your post in! Links connected to that description is where the followers will go once your description sold them on your idea. This is where the magic will happen- on your webpage. Hashtags are also good to add since it can direct them to similar pins, posts, and pages.

5. Keep it Organized.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.29.51 PM.pngSetting up boards on your Pinterest account can help keep your page organized and looking professional. Organizing your Pinterest page will make your subjects, ideas, recommendations, and purposes clear and focused when users/followers visit your homepage.

Keeping your page updated and fresh will make your followers more interested. No one wants old information or an information overload- therefore you want to make sure your pins, boards, and themes are relivent and clean.

6. Setting up your Business.

Thousands of Businesses thrive on their Pinterest page- spreading their mission, products, and ideas.

 Whole Foods is on Pinterest racking in about 287.1K followers. Posts include recipes
IMG_2517organized to different interests on their board. These recipes reflect the foods sold in their stores to encourage their followers to shop for their organic and fresh products. If they give their followers a recipe they are going to need to shop for the ingredients!

Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer awareness page is also making their way to Pinterest. Here you can find inspirational stories, quotes, facts, events, and more that can make a difference to spread Breast Cancer Awareness to the online community.

Sending you off to Pin.

Pinterest lets companies’ products be showed in a way that it can be applied to everyday life. Organizations on Pinterest are able to show their mission, purpose, fundraisers, and events to the public- getting new supporters and followers. Pinterest is what I like to think of as an application site. Instead of showing off what companies/organizations are selling, they are showing how it can make a difference to your lifestyle.

So, grab your phones, images, descriptions, and links are getting pinning. See how your boards and pins can break the internet. 


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  1. Carolyn this blog post is the perfect balance of images and informative reading. I like how you made sure to incorporate male users and gave them a place to use Pinterest which is known for being more for females. You used lots of great hyperlinks too. Well done!


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