Exploration of Evaluation!


What’s the point of Evaluating?

So, you finally have all your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and endless social media posts mapped out and ready to be sent out and seen by the billions of users of social media around the world. Great job…. but… the games of social media marketing are still not over.

After the messages have been sent, evaluation begins. Evaluation is all about seeing if your messages were effective, hit the right audience, got the attention you wanted, and reached the return on investment (ROI).

This lets you keep up with what is and isn’t working with your sites and helps your messages to become stronger and more effective. Tracking your social media’s success plays a a vital part and is essential in the games of marketing.

Businessman touching ROI (return on investment)

Did you reach your original goals?

Before you even started to create your organization’s message, you planned. Part of planning was setting goals and objectives of your pages/posts. For example, if you were setting up social media sites for a nutrition store, some of your goals may include: increase the number of customers, increase number of sales, how many of your customers reached their fitness/weight goals, increase the number of information learned on supplements, etc.

Measuring if these goals were met is essential, because if they were not met, all that time spent on social media was a waste of time and needs to be adjusted. If you take a look at the numbers over a specific period of time during your social media campaign, you can see if the messages were effective. If the numbers stayed steady or decreased, perhaps your targeted the wrong audience, weren’t creative enough, did not sell valuable information, or posted at the wrong times.


How much attention did your pages receive?

Going back to your messages and posts, it is important to take note of how much attention it gained. What do I mean by this? How many likes, favorites, retweets, shares, comments, etc. did it gain?

If your posts did not see a significant amount of attention, something needs to be changed. There are several social media metrics that need to be addressed and evaluated.

  • Conversation rates: comments, replies
  • Amplification rates:retweets, shares
  • Applause rates: likes, favorites

Other forms may include feedback or attention gained by the posts through other sources of media such as news networks or talk shows that draw attention to a campaign that is standing out and is showing success/growth.

The ALS challenge expanded way beyond social media. Before you knew it, this challenge was in newspapers, the news, and even on shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon– raising awareness and funds for ALS. Successful campaigns can get their start on social media, and if successful it can expand way beyond the original horizons with the right attention gained!

ALS Challenge expanding past social media onto national television on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Did you find any patterns?

Patterns are the key to the marketing world. Patterns can be the sites used, the time you posted, formats of posts, wording of posts, and so much more!

  • Timing of posts can make a big difference in the attention gained. If you post a message during a time when no one is scrolling through their feed, it is pointless. But if you post the message during prime updating hours, you’re set! When looking back at the attention gained for each message, keep in mind that timing is everything!
  • Different social media platforms has it’s own unique effect on it’s users. Instagram is more about images where Youtube is all about videos. Facebook can hold plenty of information to read up on an organization where as Twitter can only hold 140 characters of information. Each platform is effective, but in it’s own way.

Your target audience and the platform you use is also a factor you need to pay attention to. Different age groups pay more attention to different social media sites. If your target audience numbers where not met to your goals, it is possible that the platform you used was the wrong one.

Age and social media platforms play a large role in targeting your audience.

How do you track your success?

There are many ways that you can track your campaign’s success. There are different sites that can measure your social media’s data and marketing achievements.

  • Facebook Insights helps track the best times to post on Facebook, which helps you schedule your posts accordingly. This site also helps you track your competitors posts’ performance, page likes, post reach and engagement metrics which can also help your Facebook marketing success.
  • Bitty helps shorten and gather data of URL links that you add to your posts and messages. This site also tracks the times and locations of where your URL was accessed. This helps gather information of where and when your audience is accessing information from the content you put out there!
  • Tweriod helps you access the best times to tweet your messages! It helps keep track of the highest peak times with your followers as well as access to the last 600 tweets your organization was mentioned or connected with. This can help you track what people are saying about your messages!

These sites and plenty more can help with getting feedback, data, and information to improve your social media messages. This can play a vital role when it comes to grabbing the attention of your followers and new users! These sites can also grab information on based on location, gender, age, and other demographics to help keep track of your audience!

Facebook Insight gives plenty of information on the demographics of those who your messages reached!

Was the investment worth it?

When your boss asks you how the social media attention and success is, he basically is asking if the company’s investment is being put to good use. Yes, most social media sites are free, but companies do put a lot of money into making sure their social media sites come out on top! The money put into all the social media teams, graphic designers, upgrades, etc. needs to come out the other end with a successful return on investment.

There are many factors that contribute to your social media’s investment success. The main goal of your campaign is to come out with more money then you put into it. Keeping tally of every goal, feedback, tracker, sales, and company’s data will help you realize if your doing everything on social media right.

If you put more money  into your campaign that your getting out, you need to improve on your approach. This means you need to adjust the marketing tactics that you have been using. If you came out successful and made more  money than you put in, then awesome job… but you can always raise the bar! This just means you’re on the right track for success!


Final Thoughts

Yes, marketing on social media is huge for your company’s success but it will take a lot of time, investments, and tweaking. You can always improve on your sites, messages, posts, and image!

Do not be scared that your social media marketing won’t work. If you utilize all your tools and resources effectively, you should come out on top! It won’t be easy, but with the hard work and creativeness your company has, it will be worth it!

Now get on your way and create your messages, post your messages, then evaluate your messages- so you can see your campaign effectively break the internet!




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  1. Carolyn,
    I really enjoyed your post! I thought it was great how you added in a lot of extra information besides what was in the readings. It is clear that you put a lot of effort into your post. Some of the images you used also really helped to give a visual representation of what you were talking about. Great blog, can’t wait to see more.


  2. quataishia24 says:

    Carolyn, I loved your blog! I thought you did a really great job with content and giving the readers the heart of the topic. It was very conversational and I like that. For me it made it more personal and easier to read and I think those reading the blogs will like that as well. I love the layout and it’s very neat and clean cut! Good job with that!

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