Just a Double Tap Away from a Successful Health Campaign


Instagram is straight flexing- it is home to over 300 million users, has over 40 million photos posted per day, and gathers 8,500 likes per second. No matter where you are, you are guaranteed to see someone scrolling down their Instagram feed double tapping away. Vivid pictures that sends a message quicker than any Tweet or Facebook status gets the attention of your followers and gains their support fast and efficiently.

Building Blocks of your Profile

With any social media site, you need to make sure your profile and bio is organized, attractive, and holds information to the purpose of your organization.


  1. Strong Bio

Making sure your bio represents your organization to it’s best ability helps build trust, interest, and followers. Having a little background information and a link to your main website is key to building a professional bio.


  1. #Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your bio, pictures, and video posts can make a difference. Using hashtags connects your main idea, slogan, and message to users with similar interests. It can help increase your follower game.

It is okay to hesitate before hashtagging! It is essential to make sure you use proper hashtag etiquette. Only use relevant and as little hashtags as possible- no one likes an #overload.


  1. Picture Perfect

Your posts help make your profile. Having photos and videos of high quality and look professional reflects your organization. Editing, formatting, and using filters  makes posts look attractive and interesting.

Having short but effective captions under each posts gives information, motivation, inspiration, and updates to followers on your organization. Marketing your organization on Instagram comes mainly from your image but your caption is the added bonus and extra push towards your viewers.


Knowing and Connecting to an Audience

Instagram is the best social media site to target a young audience when it comes to your marketing strategies. Users between the ages of 16-24 are the most popular users for this site. This is why Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian are ranking in with the most followers and Instagram attention.

When promoting your health campaign, fundraiser, organization, or product- Instagram is the best way to spark the younger generation’s mind and interest.

Target Your Customers
  1. “Tag a Friend”

Tagging a friend can help tremendously when gaining attention. Having shout outs to passionate followers, other companies that you are working with, or others involved with the organization can lead users to your profile. Linking users to your account can increase followers, support, donations, and open a door for more networking.


  1. Link, Like, and Follow Similar Accounts

Staying in contact with pages similar to your own is important when keeping close ties. Companies can only get stronger when working together. Following those who are under the suggested tab is key to networking on Instagram.

 Being intertwined with others sending similar messages can help connect you to their followers who may be interested in your organization. Both profiles are being helped out since linking is crucial to social media pages.


  1. Slide in those DMs

Using the direct message feature on Insagram can help build better connections with your followers. Sending personal messages to followers can create a deeper connection. Your organization can get personal feedback and advice. Speaking one on one can help find influence which can lead to better networking.


Perfect Timing

Knowing when and how much to post on Instagram is crucial. Since users see posts based on what comes up as they are scrolling, you want to make sure your photo is seen during that check in time. Your followers aren’t going to go out of their way to search your page to see if anything was posted, so you need to make sure you throw it out there at the best time.

6358252657823169532057336611_2015-11-07 4 They see me scrollin'.gif

  1. Check your watch

Most avid Instagram users check their feed in the mornings as soon as they wake up, once they get out of school and work, and again as they are falling asleep in their beds. Posting photos during prime hours is key to having your message seen.

The hottest and most active time is around 5pm for Instagram. Wednesday is the most popular day that users are interacting on Instagram. A good time to post an important message would be Wednesday at 5pm!


  1. How often is too often?

The most crucial part of social media etiquette is knowing how many posts to issue onto your page. The amount posts per day when it comes to Instagram should be 1-2 posts. These posts shouldn’t be issued back to back if you decide to share two.

Having more than 2 posts per day can cause frustration in your followers. Over bombarding your follower’s newsfeed is one of the top Instagram mistakes that you can make.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.32.22 PM

  1. Scheduling

There are apps designed to schedule posts on Instagram. Apps such as Latergram can help an organization post photos without having to stare at the clock. Researching these resources can help your organization’s social media routine become a lot easier and effective.


Connecting to the Health World

Creating an Instagram is essential when it comes to your health care organization. One post about your company on Instagram can help share your ideas to millions and can connect to your other media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.


  1. Makes public feel connected with the Organization

Posting pictures of staff, upcoming projects, and small secrets behind the organization makes your consumers feel connected. Photos that show the lifestyle of the organization helps the audience to feel they are in on new and upcoming changes. Having a step-by-step posts of upcoming projects or how the organization functions builds a following with other users.

 Pages such as American Diabetes Association has posts from doctors with advice, pictures of guest speakers representing their organization, and those effected by the organization. This helps connect the audience to some of the organization’s features.


  1. Make Fundraising Fun

Fundraising on Instagram is a great tactic for non-profits to market. Using promotion codes, linking your website, using texting to make it easy for donors to donate, and adding a hashtag to make your fundraiser explode on the internet are just a few things Instagram can help you do.

St. Baldrick’s is an organization that fights childhood cancer. They host fundraisers sponsoring volunteers who shave their heads to support research in childhood cancers.  St. Baldrick’s fundraising techniques using social media has helped this movement spread fast and grew dramatically in support.  Their Instagram page has inspirational pictures of those who have helped, those who have been effected, and ways you can help.


  1. Post to Promote

Instagram is promoting your image, mission, and organization. World Health Organization,  American Heart Association, and  American Red Cross are just a few of the many successful health care organizations taking over the Instagram world.

Their posts promote and set the stage for this mission. Each of these organizations include information, inspiration, and motivation to gain and maintain their followers. Organizations who are successful in the Instagram community are good to use as examples for your own health care Instagram page.


Click it, Edit it, Post it, Promote it!


Instagram is one of the hottest social media sites that’s you can promote your organization on. A picture speaks a thousand words, which is a lot more than Twitter can hold with their 140 character max!

So grab your smartphones, sign up and start posting! See how Instagram can help your organization break the internet with a simple double tap!



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  1. First off, your blog is amazing! I love how everything is set up and easy to navigate. Your post is both informational and attractive. Your use of pictures helped visualize Instagram for those who have not seen it or know how to use it. Your headers help answer questions and let us know what youre about to go into next. Excellent job!


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