Connecting, Networking, and Linking: LinkedIn’s Guide to Healthcare Companies


I’m sure you have all heard the response “It’s all about who ya know” when it comes to finding a job. Yes, knowing someone in your desired field is a huge advantage- but not the old way to get an interview. The correct phrase when it comes to job advice is “It’s all about who ya network to” and LinkedIn is the place to start!

LinkedIn and it’s 400 million users are in constant networking mode. It is perfect for finding a job or looking for someone to fill a job at your company. The social media site goes beyond just applying and hiring other users for jobs- but it also helps you present your resumes, blogs, and other work related backgrounds, have discussions related to your work field, and is used for company advice, questions, and answers.

What can LinkedIn connect you to?

LinkedIn gives you free resources and connections when it comes to:

  • Job Connections:

LinkedIn can help individuals find jobs and companies find individuals. It is the perfect place to post resumes and other background about your professional experience. Features such as connecting your WordPress blog with your LinkedIn profile helps present your ideas to the world and job force.  Branding your profile can help show your credentials to build interest and trust.


  • Group and News Connections:

Joining a groups on LinkedIn helps your profile to stay involved and keep contact with other users. This is another way to keep contact with job offerings. The discussions help add conversations and feedback about topics between members. There is also a news tab that can connect you to articles and new trending updates.


  • Advice Column Connections:

The question and answers tab on LinkedIn is a great for asking other professionals on advice. This helps a lot when it comes to small businesses. Exchanging different tips and advice can help create bonds between companies both big and small.


  • Interested Consumer Connections:

Using keywords  in your profile can help link you to internet users using search engines. If someone is looking for a service that your company can accommodate, common keywords that they may search should be included in your profile.


Features on LinkedIn such as the Showcase Pages  helps connect campaigns and programs to specific targeted audiences. This helps messages stay effective and have a positive outcome when it comes to campaign goals and fundraisers.


  • Company Connections:

Keeping in contact with organizations similar to your own is important. Companies are allowed to give each other advice and work together as a team. Two is always better than one. Keeping close connections is only an advantage on you and your company’s part.

Business Connections
  • Health Connections:

LinkedIn is not only good for job searches, but is a great place to search for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This site can network to physicians for the best medical care you are looking for. LinkedIn gives you professional insight from medical students to  doctors profiles so you can get the low-down on your medical professional’s background.

LinkedIn and the health community are the perfect fit for seeing the backgrounds of your doctors, nurses, health care offices, and hospitals. Being able to search credentials, resumes, and other information on healthcare professionals can help make a decision on whether or not you want to seek advice with them.

Healthcare marketers,  recruiters, managers,  and other administrators have profiles that can link you to medical advice as well. LinkedIn gives you reliable professionals to go to if you need guidance or references, especially when it comes to health. Healthcare is something you want to make sure you have dependable information on, which is why LinkedIn is here to help!


Whether you are job searching, looking for business and company advice, or looking for dependable medical advice, LinkedIn is the perfect place to go. Using LinkedIn is affordable, easy, and trustworthy when it comes to finding information on credible references. Unique and useful features of LinkedIn can help connect you to more than you are looking for.

Start networking, link up, and see how LinkedIn can help you break the internet.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dekira Hemingway says:


    Your title was very professional. I loved how you gave the background of what Linkedin is and the connections of Linkedin, such as jobs, groups, advice, target audience, health, and company connections. Your pictures also stood out to because of the uniqueness and the colors. For future blogs, try to explain how healthcare organizations can use Linkedin to further their organizations. Maybe even share photos of the healthcare organizations using Linkedin successfully.

    Overall, you did a good job with your blog.



  2. amhornblog says:


    You did a great job at presenting LinkedIn and all of the benefits it offers individuals. I never thought about the idea of connecting your Word Press account to your LinkedIn site, to show case your writing talents. That is a fantastic idea, which I will need to do! I like how you incorporated how people are able to learn more about their physician’s qualifications to help find a doctor that is a great match for them. Overall, you did a great job and hit on points that were outside of the box.


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