A Little Birdy’s Guide to a Healthy Twitter


A little birdy is here to help your health care organization’s  reach its maximum potential on Twitter. This free social media site is perfect for promoting your organization’s mission, idea’s, news, fundraiser’s and so much more! With over 347,000 tweets being sent per minute, Twitter is the best place to search and send out the latest buzz.

There has been a strong influence between the Twitter and health care industry.  There has been over 1.4 billion tweets, 17,000 topics, and 10,000 hashtags that has contributed to the Healthcare Hashtag Project which keeps track of popular healthcare topics that have exploded on Twitter. Some of the most popular hashtags that made their way around the Twitter community included #migrane, #WorldCancerDay, and #BrainTumorThursday.

So what are the basic tips to tweeting your way to the top of the health care world?

  1. Stay short and sweet.

Twitter is about quality, not quantity. Tweets are supposed to be about 140 characters per post. This means you need to take the core of your message to your followers. Make sure your tweets are up to date, short, and to the point. If you take too long to post a tweet you will be left in the dust because everyone will be onto the next hot topic.

Since you are so limited to space on Twitter , you really need to plan ahead to get the most out of what you are promoting. You need to make sure you have your main idea, target audience, and know how you are going to address the message. Think of a tweet as a thesis statement, it needs to be sharp, creative, and relevant.


2. Don’t be ham over hashtags.

Using a Hashtag can increase the popularity of a tweet by over 20%! Most hashtags only last an hour, so if you’re not on top of it, don’t use it.  If it doesn’t apply to you don’t #hashtag it.

Limit your hashtags and only use them when trying to join a trend, want your idea to be searched (similar to a hyperlinks, hashtags lead to more information), or if you want to add content, humor and emotion. Don’t be that basic girl who uses hashtags after every word in a tweet… you will be unfollowed.

hashtag.png3. Go Beyond the Basics.

Twitter is more that just retweets, likes, and follows. Explore the other ways to promote on twitter such as TweetChat. TweetChat connects you from a hashtag to others interested in and talking about that same topic.

You get to contribute to the chat by tweeting tips, websites, information and any other knowledge you may have on that topic. This helps narrow and link you to others with similar interests.

TweetChat is a great way to build relationships and communicate with others. TweetChat is Twitter’s version of a conference where you get direct feedback and personal support and networking. This is a perfect way to market your organization!


4. Daily Dosage.

Make sure you are tweeting, retweeting, or adding content to your twitter page a little throughout the day. You need to have a happy medium of everything twitter has to offer. Your followers want to see you have relationships with other organizations and resources that link to your page. This helps build your network, trust, reliability, and support.

You don’t want to have all your tweeting done at one specific time throughout the day. You want to make sure the posts flow evenly throughout the day. Slow and steady wins the race. You also need to find what times your target audience is using Twitter to insure they are seeing your content.

Most-Popular-Time-to-Tweet-Worldwide-800x7575. Brainstorm your Brand.

With anything on social media, your brand and page will say a lot about how you represent yourself. Making sure you have a solid bio and sharp graphics and images are key to having others attracted to your profile. Branding your Twitter is how the rest of Twitter will view your personality and professionalism.

Some of Twitter’s top branding profiles include Disney’ Pixar, Starbucks, Samsung, and Channel. Although these aren’t healthcare organizations, it is good to use their branding and content analysis as a guide for your page.  These brands use Twitter to promote their movies, connect with customers, and hand out the latest news on their company.


6. Plenty of Passion.

With anything it is important to post things you are passionate and knowledgeable about. This will help keep interest in your viewers and increase the number of followers you have. If you never post anything or lack reliable information your Twitter will fail. If you just be yourself, you will make genuine relationships.

If you want to influence the healthcare community, you need to make sure you have the whole package. Passion, branding, reliable and relevant content are the core of a successful Twitter page. Your followers aren’t going to want to keep up with your content if it is not relevant, interesting, catchy, and understandable. One of your goals is to help your followers become media literate in health. Don’t post tweets that only doctors and health care professionals will understand.


Twitter is developing a new advances in health care. Not only is it a great way to expand your organization, but it helps track disease outbreaks and is an advocate for health promotion. Health concerns like the flu outbreaks, have Twitter on high profile to see where it is going to spread next and how to reach the community about the concern.


Twitter is a place to network, brand your organization, fight diseases, and spread health promotion. How will you take your health messages to the Twitter world? Twitter is defintly flying high to break the internet one health topic at a time. 





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good job! Everything is so neat and easy to read. I like how you incorporated a lot of statistics and hashtags to add some creativity and helpfulness for people new to twitter. I also enjoyed all the pictures you added throughout the entire post. The underlining helped point out key topics throughout as well. If i had any critique it would be to make make the layout or font a bit smaller so there is less scrolling to do and add more hyperlinks. Other than that everything looks and reads awesome! Keep it up


  2. nmiller2016 says:

    You are very creative in your blog! The title hooked me in right away. The information that you wrote giving your audience a chance to understand just how big Twitter actually is was a good idea. I think by your readers seeing physical numbers it would hook them in to continue to read. Your pictures also really flowed with what you were talking about. Everything was very organized and throughout the whole post I could see the creativity and uniqueness of your blog. Great job!


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