Making Friends with the Health Care World: how Facebook has shown healthy success


“It’s all about networking”, and the best place to do that is on Facebook . Facebook was originally the spot to connect with old friends from high school and family who live cross country. Facebook has enhanced and transformed to a world of advertisements and a search engine that connects you to outside resources- like the health care world.

Facebook networks health campaigns, health care organizations, referrals for doctors, disease and treatment advice, and much more for its users to explore their health. Facebook has unique qualities that makes the site easy, effective, and successful for organizations and their campaigns to spread their ideas and messages.

  1. Free to See

Facebook doesn’t charge users to make an account. There is nothing to loose with free advertising! This is ideal for organizations or campaigns that are just starting out and/or those on a tight budget. Easy and free… why would anyone not use it?


  1. Large Audience

Facebook is the perfect marketing tool since it has over 750 million users. It reaches a large audience with a simple click of a mouse. You can send a message to users that come from all over the world at any time from any place.

It is the perfect place to launch a health campaign and to see your message spread fast. Successful campaigns like the ALS Bucket Challenge, have Facebook to thank for its popularity and success.


  1. New Prospects

Users get to see what their “friends” and others connected to the site are saying about a message, ad, or campaign that went viral. It is easy to get others’ opinions, experiences, and recommendations on health care advice. Getting personal feedback helps build trust and interest with a company.

Facebook helps link organizations to consumers, patients to doctors, and those struggling with their health to treatment. It keeps consumers and the community closely tied and connected.


  1. Constant Viewing

Technology has taken over; everyone is constantly on social media checking out the latest news. From the time we wake up until we go to bed, our phones are by our side. Facebook is the most attracted social media site and time spent on social media is increasing rapidly.



Having Facebook as the site to launch your advertisement is only half the battle. Creating the campaign or advertisement is the second half. So, what makes a successful Facebook ad?

  1. Create your staple.

Millions are going to see your message over Facebook, so… it will brand you. Make sure your campaign truly represents your idea. The reputation of the campaign is reflected off the message that is promoted.

Facebook can either make or break a reputation. It helps connect companies and organizations to the community. Since other members on Facebook get to directly comment and give feedback of the organization for all to see, it is important to make a good impression.


  1. Be Reliable, Be Relatable.

You need to post messages that will grab your audiences’ attention and needs. Your ideas need to be thoroughly researched and reliable. Keeping up on your page and posts are important in maintaining interest and keeping up those likes and shares.

Having messages that are easy to read and relatable to users will help in your ad’s success. Health information needs to be transmitted to members on a level that could be understood easily.

Health literacy is an important key for communicating your message- you don’t want your audience to read something they don’t understand!


  1. Promote, Motivate, Inspire.

You need to know what your audience wants and is looking for out of your page. Your page has so much potential to help motivate, inspire, and promote healthy lifestyles. You need to reward and set incentives for Facebook users that are supporting your page and mission.

Giveaways and promotions are things to think about when promoting a company on Facebook. Free consultations or coupons can help bring consumers into stores or companies.

Motivation is another key to getting your audiences attention. Health campaigns want their audiences to take initiative with their health whether it is getting vaccinations, getting checked for certain diseases on a regular basis, or just getting into a healthier lifestyle.

Inspiration or free giveaways are helpful when promoting a campaign or fundraiser. If the audience is somehow connected to the story behind the mission of a campaign it is more likely for users to donate, volunteer, or gain support.

No matter what your objectives are you need to make sure your messages are going to be communicated effectively and have a lasting effect on it’s viewers.

  1. Non-profit Advice

For non-profit organizations, Facebook is the perfect plan for marketing your story and mission. Spreading the word about a non-profit campaign is easy on Facebook since friends get to share and promote with you…especially if they are passionate and attracted to your mission.

 Facebook is used as a fundraising tool for non-profits. Users who want to participate can donate with a few clicks then pass it onto their page for others to see.


Now that you have the essentials to create a perfect Facebook health campaign, take your ideas and post! Facebook gives you the large audience, convenience, and free tools to help your mission reach the community! Know your facts, be reliable, and have passion to have your health messages break the internet!

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  1. Carolyn, you made a great point mentioning how Facebook is “Free to See”. People love to take advantage of free things. If something is free, people are more likely to try it out. I know that it can sometimes be hard trying to talk the older generation into obtaining a Facebook account but it would be even harder if they had to spend of their hard-earned money. I am confident that Facebook has the amount of users they have because they offer a free service.

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  2. Really good! I love that you added successful campaigns and the ALS bucket challenge I think it’s important for more people to know how effective health campaigns on Facebook can be, great job including information on that, I also love the chart of the different social media’s on smartphones. You have great tips and I liked what you had to say about promote, motivate and inspire, I thought that was an important aspect that I think I should have added more about. Great job looks awesome!

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