Healthy Blogging Tips


Blogging is the new wave of journaling and sharing ideas. It is a place where a blogger’s interests can be explored and shared by others with the same interests. The health world is one major area of interest that is booming in the blogging world. Health bloggers from all over the world are coming together to make a difference in the way we see fitness, vaccines, diseases, health, and overall wellness. 

Sounds like a good idea, right? But, how do you create a blog? Where do you start? What blogs are worth connecting to? What makes a good blog? What types of blogs are out there? Well, no need to stress because I am here to give you the do’s and don’ts of blogging for the health care community.

  • Do, come up with your blog’s goals!

First thing is first. You need to set goals and objectives for your blog. Your topic is just a guide. You need to dive deeper into the meaning of your big idea. What do you want to educate your audience on? What direction do you want the readers to point toward? 

Making sure you have an interest in the topic makes it a lot easier when creating your blog. Why write about something if you’re not interested with the topic?

  • Do, come up with a Target Audience!

You need to know who you are talking to. You can’t expect a message to be sent across to a group of college students when it was written for your grandmother! The way you present your blog will determine the effects it has on the readers.

Natasha Tracy, author of Bipolar Burple, targets her audience towards those suffering through mental health disorders. She uses her health blogs as a resource for those suffering similar illness that she has- such as bipolar disorder. 


  • You do you!

You’re the author, make your audience know you! These are your ideas, thoughts, creative juices, don’t hide them! If you want your readers to truly be inspired or motivated, you have to show them your true self.

If you want to be funny, add some jokes to your blogs… if you are an artist, add your drawings to your blog… if you have stories to tell, tell them! Personality makes perfection. 


Mandi, author of Darn Good Lemonade – a breast cancer awareness blog- is as personal as you can get. This blog travels through Mandi’s battle with breast cancer, creating awareness and advice for others going through the same battle. Her personal touch is what keeps readers and followers interested and supportive. 


  • Do your Research!

Blogging health topics requires extensive knowledge and research. Organizing and planning your topics out are key to having accurate health information on your blog. Whatever information or advice you have, share it! Curation is key!

Non-profit Organizations use this technique for a successful blog. This can help attract your readers and help build trust in your blog.


  • Dont Flip Flop your look!

From the layout, to the pictures, all the way down to the font, you need to be consistent and organized with your blog. Formatting and creating your blog will let you find your staple and look. Readers will know your blog just from the writing style of it. If you jump from look to look, you will not keep a steady audience. Keeping your blog organized and planned out will help keep it successful and appealing.

Let it flow! Make your blog easy to read. Blogs are supposed to be fun not confusing. Keep it short and to the point. Bullet points and lists are key to having your ideas flow.


  • Don’t Stop… there’s always room for more!

You need to take your blog seriously, this means you can’t post in your blog in January and then not keep up with it until you are bored in October. You need to be passionate and keep an interest in your readers. Planning when and what you are going to post is helpful in making sure your blog is up to date and steady.

If you feel like you are all out of ideas, research! There is always room to learn more about your topic! Explore your topic if you want your blog to grow.

  • Dont be scared or intimidated!

Don’t be scared to write what you feel. If you are just beginning to blog, remember every successful blogger started where you are. It is okay to mess up because there is always room for improvement.

If your anxiety is still kicking in, remember-there are anxiety health blogs that can help you out with that!


See, blogging doesn’t seem that intimidating anymore, does it? These pieces of advice are key when it comes to a successful health blog. You need to be open minded and bold with your topics- passion is key! So get your laptops ready and your mind moving so your health blog can be the next to break the internet.



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  1. Love all your tips! I really liked the hyperlinks you have included, my favoriite was the helpful formatting tips. And I also agree that when creating your first blog and it’s so important to keep a consistent blog to make it more organized and helps get readers more interested. Love your format and everything you have included, nice job!

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